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Look who's back

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Meet the completed Akiya (Saga is his family name) really surprised by his final look because it was the exact face I had in mind for him.

He's a writer, producing mainly plays, short-stories and novels. From his emo face you can probably tell that he specializes in tragedies D:

Will edit and take more pictures when I'm not so tired... till then, ciao~


I'm back! with X Japan live report


X Japan was amazing! I'm glad I flew over just for them :>

When I was at the live venue, I spoke to fans from Tokyo, Taiwan, China & Hong Kong. It's quite amazing to hear how the Japanese fans flew around SEA for the band, & yet do not know how to communicate in English or Mandarin (I had to speak to them in my crappy Japanese) OTL

ALL of them are Yoshiki fans.. IDK why but I said I'm his fan too, but in actual fact I'm a Luna Sea fan in double disguise support Sugizo :x I didn't even realize it was Pata's actual birthday! guess how their reaction was like when I said I didn't know >D

I thought I was screwed for sure when I only reached the venue after 6pm.. because the ticketing counter supposed to close at 6pm?! I'm so grateful to see them still open, really.. I prayed so hard in the airport express ;A;

anyway many fans were trying to sell their tickets because they bought extra tickets for better seating etc., so the moral of the story is to BUY TICKETS OFF THEM as the seating is still better, & cheaper!

Now onto the live itself-

The live started with Yoshiki appearing in his long coat before him going topless, followed by the rest of the band members- Pata Heath Toshi and Sugizo <3

Sugizo was so goddamn gorgeous even though he was so far away from my seat ;A; He looked like an angel in his white snakeskin leather outfit.

They opened with Jade. (below C&P from a fan)

02.Rusty Nail - Japanese ver.
03.Silent Jealousy - Japanese ver.
SUGIZO Violin solo
05.紅 - Japanese ver.


06.Born To Be Free
YOSHIKI Drums solo ~ Piano solo トルコ行進曲
Drums solo ~ Piano solo エリーゼのために ~ Drums solo
Piano solo獅子山下(香港の歌?)
メンバー全員が「We are!」を叫ぶ!


YOSHIKIチャイナ服 (Yoshiki wore a qipao!)

10.ART OF LIFE - 2nd movement


SE.Forever Love - Last mix

YOSHIKIがいつまでも頭を下げていた (He lowered his head throughout the song)


- They played my favorite song Silent Jealousy, & I thought my long-lived dream is finally fulfilled after 10 years.

- When Sugizo played his violin, I cried. The sound was breathtakingly beautiful.. yet filled with sorrow at the same time. It was so surreal I've never heard anything like it. Yoshiki joined in with his piano.

- Pata's birthday, Yoshiki brought cake & flowers for him. The fans took out their orange towel that says 'Happy Birthday Pata' Yoshi then played his clear piano a Happy Birthday song & we fans sang along. He asked the rest of the members to eat the cake but all refused so only him & Pata ended up eating...

- Played Born to be Free, their new song. Followed by Yoshiki's drum solo- he's definitely the best drummer ever

- After X, Encore- Yoshi appeared in qipao! He looked so good in it I swear.. Toshi was trying to flip the dress lol

- Ending- Sugizo went around taking pictures in his digital cam as usual. Recording songs of Forever Love & Tears were played. Yoshiki is probably remembering about hide as he lowered his head at the piano throughout the songs.

- Finale.. a farewell. Teared a little as I left the hall...

Haven't wrote a live report for years. Now Laruku & Luna Sea, you're next!


So.... what's your name again?

Recently attended tinies meet organized by kitty & mori.m, had a great time talking to some people & lots of cuties to shoot too. Thanks again Kitty for organizing!

My pictures are really crappy and blurred so I'm looking forward to see photos from other attendees, especially fossilangel (hur, she's the most hardworking one)

Anyway I brought out the 3 boys- Zack Amu & Nox. Nox really looks like a girl... like a girly boy, not like Mochi I guess, just the look. Young Nezumi?!?111

After the meet I realized I had a big boy lying around, still without his pants- went w-wtf and finally removed the hot glue to change eyes despite the agony D:
The eyes I ordered for him from ED will take some time, so he will be wearing the temp ones first..

So here's a shot of... Akiya. Ah his family name is Saga *trying hard to remember*

me- Come on try to look sexy!

Akiya- 'Why are you only taking my face? It's kinda annoying...'

me- I'm trying very hard to angle so I won't shoot what's under the shirt..

Akiya- 'I don't care'

me- Well I do, guess who's the one doing the post-processing =_=

- End -


Silent Night


Guess who's on the way?

I decided(& regretted terribly) to make a photo story for the kids, for my dream dolly who's making his way here right now.

The last status update was- The shipment is being transported to the destination country <- a little bit of mixed feelings here, like how I want to move the shipment (physically) at the same time being excited!

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Amu however, seemed to look serious while typing away with his two index fingers...

Zack the pup gave up completing his NDS game and ended up playing with his fellow comrade, whose name is Fluffy.

Amu sat up and sighed softly
Thoughts ran through his head- 'Will he arrive here safely? Why is it taking so long? I want to see him now...'

Belle- 'What's wrong Amu? Why are you sighing? What's that?'
Amu- 'I'm tracking someone who should be here in a few days time. He's flying here on a Jumbo elephant'
Belle- 'Wow Jumbo! Lemme see!'

Zack- 'Wee~ Can I track him too? That Jumbo!'
Amu- '...Jumbo isn't staying here. Someone else will be living with us'

Zack- 'Someone? He will be here soon? Hmm I wonder who is that...?'
Amu- 'His name isn't Cloud, or Fluffly'

So this is just a teaser until he reaches me

I want to elaborate more on their personalities and relationship next... since each of them has their own unique character heh :>

Although I take a lot of pictures of Zack and Belle, Amu is my favorite boy in photos because he's the easiest to shoot ;D

Amu reminded me a lot of young Nezumi, so I'll relate him to mouse from now on... while Zack is a puppy and Belle is a ??

That's all for now.

Come on Jumbo, fly faster!
p.s. by using jumbo, i mean DHL
I realized the lj cut is made of fail. Sorry for spamming, I can't amend it ;(


Akiya is home!

Just received him yesterday when I was at home resting... The postman first came by with the giant GST sticker slapped on his box & I didn't have enough cash with me(WHY don't they accept NETS or cards srsly), so he came back the second time in the afternoon and I finally got to sign for him..

I snapped a few box opening shots with my Iphone camera, which is pretty boring if you'd seen them much (box->doll box->papers->clothesshoeswig->doll)

I tried to put him on his default outfit so here are some noisy photos first

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I find his gloomy gaze kinda alluring... just like his character.
But this faceup gotta go for sure, since the blushing makes his uneven face looks more uneven..

His sculpt is really interesting because he looks almost like an entirely different doll from different angles which I can't wait to explore!
I'll try to take some shots over the weekend if I'm feeling better. Now I don't even have the strength to hold my DSLR..............

After the box opening I went to see my doctor, whom referred me to a specialist in the hospital... so today I went to the hospital to get checked again, blood drawn and tomorrow I'll be back for ultrasound scan before heading to work. Will see the doc again on Monday to find out if it's even serious? He gave me the option to be admitted but I need to work tomorrow, too many things to do seriously. Work on Saturday after the Presidential Elections too now that I remember.

Poor boy is totally butt naked right now because he doesn't have anything to wear other than his default outfit. His wig isn't here, his eyes are not really his permanent ones... Bought a top for him just now so at least there's something I can shoot him in for the time being :<

I'll give him an introduction once he's complete ;>

so that's all for now...


Volks & dollie stuffs

because I saw this photo on the volks blog recently, & he's kinda hot :D

He's a One-off Rinon boy by tsukimi

Rinon reminds me of Tae/Anais a lot, and both make pretty cute boys :>

Lately I'm thinking of reforming my dollie family, because having too many different sizes suck- not like they can even share clothes or shoes, so it's really irritating.

So I've been considering to just stick to Yo-SDs & SDs? my first doll is a MSD though & I can't really bear to sell him off... but I am neglecting him a lot these years months :<

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just some shots

posted a couple of photos on Flickr, after I tried to be a little more hardworking than usual...
so I'll post them here D:

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Date Masamune.

is a SDGr with a gorgeous face that I can hardly resist.. somehow I kept hoping he would look uglier in scans, but... Volks proved me wrong once again OTL

My goal this year is to get a big boy... yes SDGr, but with him be released I might end up with two.... D:

but oh man, Volks is finally releasing Yo-SD Piccolo after so many X years?! just how long have I been waiting

thanks to the Kobe Dolpa that I've finally made up my mind to put her up for sale after delaying for so long

well, maybe I'll lose the lottery or give up on Date along the way... hopefully, cause buying two dolls in a single dolpa will dry up my bank account T_T



poor neglected journal > <

here are some updates from me

- Laruku finally announced their live tour dates for autumn this year, plus countries they are touring for 2012!!
This made me screamed out loud! I had to give their 20th anniversary May live a miss due to many factors, mainly money & work. (WHY is it the SIA airfare promo came out after I returned from HK!? I'd have gone for it without any hesitation really! ;A; )
It is a long-time dream of mine to see Hyde sing live... and I gotta make it happen this year, after their 5-year hiatus. Aiming for the Osaka dates at the moment...

- Visited Hong Kong, Macau & Zhuhai in April for the first time. It was an impromptu trip as I decided to catch the airfare promo just 2 weeks before the travel dates, & planned it 3 days before I flew D:
It was a fulfilling 5-day trip though, since I get to go casinos(!) savor awesome food & visit doll shops~ *A*

- I've finally decided on my next dollie, head + body & name~ aiming to get him by autumn >o<
Meanwhile it's nearly June and I have not bought ANY new dolls! yay how awesome :> hope I could keep this up until my next trip~

- Caught up with many many people & friends~ especially my 2 sisters (check out my twitter lol)

- Recovered my passion for music, such as Jrock & old-school OSTs

- intrigued by fashion photography lately

- Planning to make my Japan trip happen this year. It was heart-breaking to see the tsunami hit Sendai at real time that I cried so badly... until now there are still people suffering, I know. Nuclear situation isn't helping at all (in fact it IS getting worse)
everyone (literally, I mean family relatives & close friends) tried to dissuade me from wanting to go this year when they hear my plans.
In fact I was tempted by a last minute offer to volunteer in Miyagi the following week- too last min so not possible at all ._.

Anyways I can contribute to their economy while I'm there. Hotels are losing business because tourists ain't visiting. People still need to live, lives goes on for them so why not?

Then I'll do whatever I need to do while I'm there- Go for lives, visit Tenshi no Sato, go sight-seeing around Kansai & Miyajima, etc.

Now I just have to make up my mind between autumn or end of year D: *stalks for airfares promo*

- entered for TDA photography comp last night~ it's my first time entering a contest with my lousy photos D: we'll see how it turn out D: D: