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Animated Doll Maker @ noaschnee.comAnimated Doll Maker @ noaschnee.comAnimated Doll Maker @ noaschnee.comAnimated Doll Maker @ noaschnee.com
✾✾✾| Envy |✾✾✾✾✾| Emilio |✾✾✾✾✾| Ceres |✾✾✾✾| Zack |✾✾✾

Welcome to Envy's journal! (。◕∀◕。)/ This is mainly about ☟
♣ BJD & Volks updates, Envy's resin kids Emilio & Zack, group orders once in a while
♣ Cosplay, Anime Manga Games rumblings[though mainly on Manga]
♣ Jrock [Gazette] & J/Kdrama
♣ Barcelona, Football, Fernando Torres, Lionel Messi
♣ Life[mainly locked], Photography, Travel, Movies, Books, Music, wine & dine, J-Fashion

About me in general ♛
♤ current major obsessions are cosplay, Super Dollfie, anime manga & photography
♤ active cosplayer, who does mainly manga cosplays
♤ only has a thing for pretty boys, & gets turned off by the rest
♤ quite a Poland-like personality in real life
♤ has a hectic lifestyle & is always very busy..

Feel free to add me if we have similar interests, I like to meet new people. (✿◕‿◕)
☠Please do not add if we have no similar interests at all.☠

✽ ♪♫♩ Thanks for reading! ♬♫♩ ✲